So you want to find out more.....

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Freemason in England, please go to the United Grand Lodge of England website and read the Sections called "All about Freemasonry" and "How to become a Freemason".

Should you then want to take things further, and approach a Lodge in Middlesex, such as ourselves, you should contact The Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex, who will contact us or any other Lodge that you may be interested in joining.

Someone from that Lodge will then get in touch with you to have a chat and answer any other questions you may have. This could take place via e-mail if preferred. If you are still interested, a private meeting would be arranged.

Should you still wish to take things further, someone else will also wish to meet you and they would ultimately be your supporters in your application. One of these meetings would probably be at your home, and they may wish to speak to some friends or family members as well. There is nothing to be concerned about, these meetings are to help your sponsors get to know you and feel able to propose you with confidence. It will allow you to get to know them too!

They then arrange an interview with senior members of the Lodge who will ask you probably much the same questions. All being well, your name will go before the brethren at the next Lodge meeting for your candidature to be approved.

If approved, a date will be found in the programme for your Initiation ceremony. Your supporters will explain what is involved and reassure you if you have heard any alarming reports as to what that may entail. Remember, Freemasonry is about brotherly love, truth, and relief.

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